How To Use PLR To Build Your Online Business

How to use PLR. My PLR Action Guide website and blog is a comprehensive review of all the different ways you can profit with private label rights content in your online business.

As a blogger or website owner you will understand the power of content marketing to boost your traffic and engage with your audience.

Also I am sure you are aware of how difficult it is to keep producing that much content by themselves. 

This website will show you how to use PLR and help you keep producing relevant information for your online visitors and social media followers.

When it comes to creating your digital products, there are three common choices:

  • Create the products yourself.
  • Outsource the project to professionals.
  • Use quality PLR as the basis for your content.

The first two are both great options, but they can be rather time consuming or cost you money. 

You might decide to write your products yourself if you’re particularly interested or have experience in your chosen subject, but it can be a real headache trying to come up with new and interesting content all the time.

If you have the funds available to invest in outsourcing the content to qualified writers you can easily find what you need at places like

The third option is to use Private Label Rights material, known as PLR.

How To Use PLR. The PLR Action Guide To Private Label Rights.

So what if you don’t want to invest a lot of time or money in creating digital products? 

And what if you feel that, even though you find the subject interesting, you don't have the knowledge or experience to create something yourself.

This is where using PLR can be the answer.

Simply by utilising this one resource, you will be able to create as many digital products as you wish in as many markets as you choose, even if you know absolutely nothing about the subject.

I’m talking here about white label (otherwise known as private label) content.  This is content that has been created by others who sell licences to people just like you.

With a private label licence, you’ll be able to:

  • Edit the content to suit your needs and to add your personal voice to the information.
  • Combine content from different PLR providers to create a full range of formats in your niche, everything from e-books, blog posts, courses and training packages and even videos.
  • Create bonuses, upsells, back-end sales and even one-time-offers or upgrades just by repurposing private label content from good reputable suppliers.
  • And much more.

Chances are that you have heard about private label content before, but maybe you hadn't realised just how useful (and profitable!) it can be. 

The key is to find a source of high quality content.  

You may have heard the expression "Content is King" but the crucial thing here is more like "Quality Content Is King".  

There are plenty of PLR vendors out there offering 100 articles on a subject for just a few dollars.

Avoid these types of sellers, you need to find a supplier of well written and good quality material so that you can be confident it is up to the standard you need.

You also need to check out what sort of licence your seller is offering. See my article on PLR Rights Explained by clicking on the article link below.

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Please explore my PLR Action Guide site for loads more resources and information on how to use PLR and let me help you discover your own Digital Goldmine. 

See my PLR Resources page for recommended  sellers of quality PLR and other useful information.

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