PLR Rights Explained. How To Understand The Different Types Of Licence.

PLR rights explained. Are you confused by all the jargon?

What is the difference between PLR, MRR, Personal Use and Limited Use?

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It’s not unusual for PLR buyers to be confused by the different types of PLR rights. 

If you stop and think about it, you know that PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights’, so why is everyone saying ‘PLR Rights’? 

That’s like saying Private Label Rights Rights. 

It is one of the many inconsistencies in this industry… but the term has become the norm. So, we’ll play along with this madness.

The truth of the matter is that even with PLR rights, different PLR vendors have different interpretation of the same terms.

The basic rule is this - always pay close attention to the license terms that come with any PLR product that you buy 

Some PLR sellers may have rules and regulations that are unique to them. If in doubt, always contact the vendor.

Now let’s look at what is generally understood to be the most common types of PLR rights.

#1:- Private Label Rights.

These rights give you a lot of flexibility for personalizing/rebranding your content. Usually, you’ll receive the editable source files so that you can really make the content your own and create your own derivative products.

The most important point to note here is the EDITABLE SOURCE FILES! Most variations of the rights are determined by the source files.

So, what are the source files?

If you’re getting written PLR content, whether they’re articles, reports or eBooks, the editable source files will most probably be WORD.DOC, .TXT and sometimes .RTF.

What that means is that if you have the source files you are able to edit the document as you see fit. You can rewrite them, add your own name, images, cover image and so on.

You can personalize and rebrand the content to your heart’s content and make it look totally different from the original PLR product you purchased.

This is the strongest argument for getting PLR from the original vendor. You get all the source files to get maximum mileage from the PLR.

PLR Rights Explained #2:- Resell Rights.

Resell rights (RR) products can often be found in PLR membership sites. These products are usually ‘Biz-In-A-Box’ PLR packages… but have been converted into PDFs, MP4s, etc.

The main difference here is that the editable source files are NOT INCLUDED. So, you’ll only be able to sell the PDF or MP4s (depending on the product ) as they are without making any changes. 

There’s a lot less flexibility with resell rights products. You could sell them but you’d be competing with everyone else who has these products. 

Since most beginner marketers tend to compete on price, it’ll be a race to the bottom and they’ll all end up devaluing the products and selling them for peanuts. You’ll barely be able to make a profit.

That said, you still can use RR products to make some sales, create bonuses or use them as research for your own content creation. 

#3:- Master Resell Rights, MRR.

Master resell rights products (MRR) are very similar to resell rights products as I explained above. The difference is that your customers will be able to resell the products as their own too.

Once again, this leads to everyone and their grandma owning the product and therefore devaluing it.

#4:- Giveaway Rights.

You are able to give away these PLR products as gifts, bonuses or they can be used as freebies to build your email list (usually in PDF and MP4 format).

Depending on the product, you may sometime get the editable source files… but most often you won’t.

#5:- Unrestricted Rights.

These products usually have very few restrictions and you can do whatever you want with them. Do note that some clueless PLR vendors may state on the sales page that their products have unrestricted rights (just to get more sales) – but then they have stipulations in the terms which restrict you. 

Always read the fine print.

#6:- Limited Content.

Limited content is not ‘PLR rights’ per se… but it’s a type of PLR content that’s highly sought after. Limited PLR will have a limit to the number of copies sold.

In some cases, they may be limited to 100 or 200 copies. Sometimes 50 and sometimes less. It all depends on the PLR vendor’s preferences.

The reason many PLR buyers love limited PLR content is because there’s less competition since fewer people own the content.

That makes it easier to personalize and rank the content in the search engines. 

#7:- PLR Reseller Rights.

PLR reseller rights is a rare type of rights offered by very few PLR sellers. This type of rights allows you to sell the PLR as YOUR OWN PLR. 

You’ll be able to include the source files with your package. In other words, it allows you to become a PLR seller in your own right.

Creating content is hard work. Purchasing products that come with PLR Reseller Rights will allow you to quickly build a PLR store and sell your own PLR products. Isn’t that fantastic?

You can be a PLR seller in record time.

If you’re looking for products with PLR reseller rights, do check out

Now that you’re aware of what the different types of PLR rights mean, you can appreciate the pros and cons of each and make informed buying decisions.

You’ll also know what you can and cannot do with the PLR you have. Now that you have had PLR rights explained to you, congratulations. Now you are better informed than the majority of PLR buyers out there.

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