Why is rebranding your PLR so important? 

Rebranding your PLR will give your work a new name with new graphics and will make it stand out from any similar products out there.

Here are some useful tips and techniques to help you with this important concept.

What you are trying to achieve is to make everything that you are offering in your package look completely different from your original purchase. 

There are good reasons for doing this, although it may take a little time and could cost a few dollars.

I have discussed the need to rewrite your PLR on another on another page if you are using your PLR in articles or as content for your website/blog.

In this article I am assuming you have bought a Biz-In-A-Box bundle of PLR to use in an E-book that you are wanting to sell online.

So let's take a look at these reasons for rebranding your PLR.

Imagine you have just bought a PLR package on "Growing Tomatoes". This package contains an E-book which you think would sell well if you promoted it on your gardening blog or through a site like Clickbank.

However, the PLR seller could have sold anything from 100 to 500 copies of this PLR bundle, so you will have the same as every body else who bought a copy.

You are now in competition with all these other owners. But the important point here is that you are only competing with them if you are selling exactly the same product.

If you go through the process of rebranding your PLR by giving it a new title and a new cover, you will end up with a completely different digital product.

It now looks nothing like anything else out there. 

The words inside may be the same, but you are now selling a brand new E-book with a different look and feel to all the others. 

You will lose credibility.

If you don't rebrand your PLR, and you keep the same title and graphics as the other folks that bought the same package, you will never be able to position yourself as an authority in your niche.

Going back to my example of growing tomatoes, if you were being lazy and used the same title as all the other buyers, you will never be recognised as being any different.

If your prospective buyer does a Google search for E-books on Growing Tomatoes, guess what will happen. Loads of books will show up all with the same title, many of them selling at a dirt cheap price because they can only compete on price.

This will just end up devaluing your product. In all probability the original seller of the PLR may appear in the results list. 

So your potential customer could well end up buying from the person who sold you your PLR package in the first place.

That is why rebranding your PLR makes so much more sense.

You change the name of your E-book to something slightly more unusual, say " Tips and Techniques for Growing Tomatoes at Home" , and with a different cover.

Now you can charge what you like without worrying about the competition.

Getting The Best Of Both Worlds.

Some PLR sellers will be great with the written word, but hopeless with the graphics.

Their skill is in their writing and the graphics may be something they have just added without thinking about them in any depth.

By rebranding your PLR you will have great content which has been made even better by excellent graphics.

Now you can charge more for your product.

Your Opinions Are Important.

As I said at the top of this page, it is not necessary to rewrite any content as you are not interested in Search Engine rankings.

However, if you do add your own opinions, research and experience to the content of your book, this is also a type of rebranding.

This helps to establish you as an expert in your field, and adding your personal touch will make your reader more likely to remember you.

Another benefit of this is that if you are intending to add Affiliate Links into your E-book, if your reader likes and trusts your opinions, they are much more receptive to any recommendations you make and more likely to click through to your affiliate's sales page and make a purchase there.


I hope by now you have realized the importance of rebranding your PLR and what will happen if you don't.

Anybody can take a piece of PLR and just try to sell it as it is, which is what most PLR buyers do. 

But you are not like that. Just think of all those missed opportunities to establish yourself in your niche and to earn more money from the PLR you have bought if you take the easy option.

You will stand head and shoulders above the average PLR buyer if you just put a little effort into making the content your own, adding some quality graphics and changing the title to something more unique.

This will take your online business and your income to a whole new level. 

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