Rewriting Your PLR. The Reasons Why You Should Always Do This.

What to look out for when rewriting your PLR.

A simple guide to making your content unique and why it is important. Make your content stand out from all the rest.

Do You Need to Rewrite Your PLR Content?

This is a question that is commonly asked, and it has a simple answer - Yes and No.

Marketers and bloggers often buy PLR, or Private Label Rights, to save the time and effort needed to create content for their website or blog.

PLR is often called "Done For You" content and for those who don't like writing it is a great resource.

Many buyers of PLR may wonder why I am suggesting that they should go to the trouble of rewriting their PLR, after all the whole idea of buying it in the first place was to save you that particular chore.

There may be occasions when rewriting your PLR is unnecessary, but in most cases it is always worth doing.

Rewriting Your PLR.
Video Introduction.

Please watch this short video to give yourself an overview on rewriting your PLR.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself when rewriting your PLR.

1: Do you need Google and Bing to list and rank your pages for your important keywords? 

If you want your site to appear high up in the listings for those words then you definitely need to rewrite at least 55% of your article so that the Search Engines will view it as unique content.

Most lazy PLR buyers will simply copy and paste the article without making any changes so by working through the article and giving it your own voice you will raise it above the mediocre.

Also a good Search Engine Optimization technique is to add your targeted keywords where necessary, but remember that Google does not like blatant keyword stuffing. If you do this your site will be penalized.

If you run your article through a site such as Copyscape you can check how much original content you have.

2:- What is your plan for the PLR?

If you were thinking of writing a non-fiction book using your PLR and selling it on Amazon's Kindle platform you will have no alternative but to begin rewriting your PLR.

Amazon does not allow you to use PLR content and there is no way round that without a complete rewrite.

If you want to post an article on a guest-blogging site, then again you will have to rewrite the content to make it unique. If the blogging site is worth posting to then it is worth doing the rewrite.

However, if you are going to use the PLR as a giveaway such as a Free Report, or sold as an eBook, there is no need to do anything to it. As long as it is well written and makes good sense then you can just use it as it is. You are not interested in Search Engine rankings.

3:- Have you got enough content?

If the PLR article you are using is too short and you need a longer piece of writing, you may need to expand on each point that you are making by adding more content.

You could combine two articles on a similar subject. You very often get articles with similar themes in a package.

You will have to rewrite them so that they blend seamlessly together and appear as one article and are not disjointed in any way.

4:- Does the content read well?

Sometimes your PLR content may have some awkward sentence construction, particularly if you read it out loud. You may feel the grammar is wrong. 

Sometimes the articles may be written by somebody for whom English is not their first language.

Pay attention to the spelling, look out for any typos and make sure that the writer has used similar sounding words in the right way. I am thinking here of the difference between there, their and they're, or its and it's.

If you are British like me, you may prefer to use the English spelling of words rather than the American version, colour not color or fibre not fiber, the choice here  is yours.

So again, rewriting your PLR is an important part of your plan. It may just need a little polishing and tweaking to make it a little better. No matter how good the PLR, there is always room for improvement.

5:- Is your content accurate and based on proper research?

You should always check the facts. The term "Fake News" is everywhere today, in the newspapers and on social media. You don't want to be accused of peddling fake news.

If the PLR that you are using is fairly light on facts then do your own research and add more unique content. You can add references, this will also give your article a greater air of authority.

6:- Can you easily monetize your content?

If you are using PLR on your website or blog and you want to promote affiliate links or you are selling your own digital products then rewriting your PLR is definitely a good idea.

Your words should gently encourage your reader towards your offering and increase the chances of your visitor clicking through and making the sale.

7:- Does your article have links to other blog posts or other pages on your website?

This internal linking is an important part of your SEO strategy. Search engines do not like "orphan" pages, you will need to add links to other pages or older blogs. 

8:- Conclusion.

At the end of the day, rewriting your PLR should have a definite purpose. 

You should be aiming to increase the way the search engines and your human visitors view your site, make your content easier to read, make you an authority in your niche and most importantly, make you more money.

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when rewriting your PLR.

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